Making a better life now

So a big thank you to Greg Marshal. You didn’t have to reblog my post but you did so that I could have some positive re-enforcement in my new lifestyle of getting fit. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you showed me there are still kind people in the world, even though I will assume you are super busy that you took a moment to help me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So ask of the advice of risquebee I will be reatart insanity from the begining on april 1st. I borrowed it from a friend so I don’t have the food guide, but I eat healthy. Not sure how many calories and all I should be eat so if anyone knows can you let me know? I do care what others say but I hope to not let it affect me this round. April 1st I will be in southern ky visiting my grandparents and I think that will be the best place to start because I know they will love and support me all the way. Also today I will find out if I got another job. I pray I do so I can have time for life and money to live off of and be able to eat right. Keeping fingers crossed. Also thank you to sunc(something sorry not on a computer to find your name) for what you said when no one else replied then.